Spark's Vision

Train the next generation
of start-ups founders on
how to build, ship and maintain
their software.

The journey

We’ve got everything you need to launch and grow your business

Start with an idea!

Every project begins with noticing a problem and devising a solution to that problem (this is the idea stage)

Sketch it!

Working on turning that idea into a project that starts with drawing and planning.

Build your prototype.

Then we work on converting those plans and drawings into complete designs and the idea becomes clear, and then we have a complete conception of the final product.

The MVP phase

Then we will develop the initial version of the application and share it with a limited group of users to collect their feedback.

Launch your App !

And finally, we launch the app on the App Store.

No need to bring your own device

we have a macOS device ready for your team at our headquarter!.

The plans


100/day SAR

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2000 SAR

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8500 SAR

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The trainers

Most of the skills i got is from self-learning , i spend more than 5 hours daily on learning new skills ! CERTIFIED APPLE DEVELOPER, swift ios developer , worked on more than 3 ios projects ! , working on safcsp.

Author image
Azzam alrashid CEO, Spark

software engineering student who has a passion to learn and Spread new skills and the latest technologies. My journey started from Middle school when I attended my first robotics course and competition it was the kick start, I needed to find my passion for learning and Spreading the knowledge to my team in then I achieved some competitions in many fields.

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Anas alqassim CTO, Spark


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